How Much Is A1969 Fifty Pence Worth?


1969 uncirculated UK Britannia 50p fifty pence coin is £2.19 while fifty pence 50p pieces with 10 different designs from 1969 – 2008 cost £10.00
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Fifty pence is worth 0.74 US dollars!
If it's got any wear, it's only going to be worth face value, and most places won't take it because it's no longer the current size. You'd need to exchange it at a bank. You're right
the British pound is divided into 100 pence. The dollar is worth about .5117 pounds so fifty pence must be worth a dollar.
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for a fifty pence coin to be valued the specific design must be known, but it could be valued form £1 and above. ...
A fifty pence piece of coin weighs 8.0g. ...
Fifty pence is equal to half a British Pound. As of November 25, 2010, the current exchange rate between a UK Pound against the U.S. Dollar is 1.57. Half of 1.57 ...
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