How Much Is My Old UK Penny Worth?


You can check out the Coins of England and Great Britain site to value your coin.
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Please check your coin again and post a new, separate question with enough details to identify it. First, there isn't a "UK model crown penny" Coins are named by their country
Wheat pennies were produced from 1909 through 1958 and are made of copper, zinc and tin. They have ears of wheat on one side with President Abraham Lincoln's face on the other. Since
The 1959-D Lincoln cent is still in circulation today, the coin is face value.
A penny was worth a penny 1D in old money , there was 240 pennys to a pound.
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You can use value My Staff now on the given link to determine the value of your old coin ...
Old English pennies can be worth a small fortune depending on the era or the period when they were issued. Your local antiquities dealer would be an expert regarding ...
The penny is amongst the earliest of British coins, being first minted in the 8th century AD.1921 old penny is worht £0.99. ...
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