How Much Is My Old UK Penny Worth?


You can check out the Coins of England and Great Britain site to value your coin.
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That's an extremely broad question. You need to know what their dates are, how worn they are, and for cents dated 1908 and later, where they were minted. US cents (assuming you're
1. Sort through the collection of old albums. Carefully slide the vinyl out of the cover and sleeve to examine the condition of the record on both sides. Test any scratched records
A regular penny that is roughly 100 years old is only worth about
Below is a chart link for values but unless you have rare pennies - mis stamped or such you can expect 3 - 50 cents each depending on condition with most on the lower end. Source(
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You can use value My Staff now on the given link to determine the value of your old coin ...
Old English pennies can be worth a small fortune depending on the era or the period when they were issued. Your local antiquities dealer would be an expert regarding ...
The penny is amongst the earliest of British coins, being first minted in the 8th century AD.1921 old penny is worht £0.99. ...
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