How Much Is Scrap Copper Worth Per Kilo?


Scrap copper metal fetches about £4.90 per kilo. Gold on the other hand attracts £26123 per kilo due to its obvious scarcity and its categorisation as a precious metal. One gets more for the scrap metal if it is skinned.
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Hi its 7500 / mt cnf.
The current price of copper on January 15, 2010 is $3.38. If you go to a scrap yard you will get a little less than this because they need to make a profit and process the scrap.
Copper wire is classified as one of two types: #1 copper wire has no other metal contaminates and #2 copper wire is not "pure. It may have brass connectors, solder and plating.
Copper is currently 3.10 per pound.
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Scrap copper is worth approximately £3,800 per tonne. Recycling of copper and other metals has become an important task in maintaining an environmental ...
Like other metals the price of scrap copper fluctuates. Current scrap copper prices range from 2,400 to 3,900 per tone. ...
Cuttings of pure brass cost £2.750 per kilo; brass swarf cost £2.5 per kilo while mixed brass costs £2.45 per kilo. Heavy brass costs £ ...
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