How Much Should I Tip My Newspaper Carrier?


For the holidays, its customary for some people to tip the service people that serve them throughout the year. The amount people tip ranges widely. Unlike wait staff, where it is typical to tip your server anywhere from 15 to 20 percent depending on the quality of the service you receive, it isnt so cut and dry when tipping out your service personnel. For example, if you pay $500 for home delivery of your newspaper for the entire year, 20 percent would work out to $100. If a paper carrier had a route of 100 people, and everyone tipped 20 percent, that route carrier would get a very handsome $10,000 Christmas bonus. Most would find this an unrealistic amount for the service rendered. Typically, most people report that they give their newspaper carrier between $10 and $30 dollars for the holidays.
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1. Add a tip to your monthly payment. There is typically a line to add a tip, and then you would pay the new total in the same manner as you usually do, such as by check, credit card
All the suggestions for tipping carriers are SO off, it makes me sick. Although this one suggests a fairer amount than most, it is still not on par with what should be suggested,
I think $5 is appropriate. Especially considering her way of asking for a tip is rather "tacky" to say the least. On top of that, you haven't exactly gotten award winning
Depends how much he must digress, drive and what that drive is like to deliver to your house or if you are on his drive anyway and he just tosses it in your yard ... or does he have
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