How much should you tip a newspaper carrier?


Some newspaper subscribers like to give their carriers an annual tip. In this situation, a $10 to $30 tip is appropriate. Instead of this, a small gift is also acceptable.

There are many other workers who provide services year-round, and giving them a year-end tip is customary. For example, a live-in nanny should be presented with a check equal to a week's pay. Depending upon the type of building and service provided, a doorman is given $15 to $80, while the superintendent receives between $20 and $80. A regularly scheduled yard worker gets $20 to $50. Mail carriers, however, should not be given money, because it is against Post Office policy. A small gift is appropriate, however.

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All the suggestions for tipping carriers are SO off, it makes me sick. Although this one suggests a fairer amount than most, it is still not on par with what should be suggested,
I have to say, I always put a nice tip in my monthly check to the local news carrier. I only get the sunday paper, but I feel the kid needs and deserves a tip. I agree, working in
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