How soon can you drive on new tarmac?


This all depends on a number of varying factors such as air temperature, wind speed, depth/type of tarmacadam and volume/weight of traffic. It is possible to allow cars to drive on tarmac within 15minutes of rolling as long as the traffic passes over
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gravel is not ideal for a sloping drive with it being tarmaced or not, as the gravel will walk/move to the bottom of the slope and over spill on to the pavement/side walk and road
You don't say if you are patching with cold asphalt or hot asphalt ? For cold First cut round the affected area,leaving a clean edge making sure you have a depth of 2 or more inches
With concrete and Tarmac, you can spray a Colas emulsion (, 01342 711000) on the surface and roll in a gravel chipping. Use several layers to get a good adhesion. Otherwise
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To tarmac your drive, first excavate your driveway then stone it up to the required level. Next, mix the cut-back tarmac and add the oil used for this type of ...
In a small area tarmac can work out more expensive than block paving because of the equipment involved. Currently the average cost is £152 per square metre ...
It will cost you about £20 to tarmac a drive of 1 square meter. This is a rough price that is provided by the pavingexpert. However, these prices vary ...
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