How Much Will a 700mb CD Hold?


How much a 700MB CD hold will vary depending on the files. It will hold about 75 minutes of music. If you are putting photos on the CD it can hold about 400, depending on the size.
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It depends on the size of the Pictures. A CD is like any memory device, it has a definitive amount of space to store data. you can store about 700 MB of pictures. If you have a camera
1024 x 700 = 716800. There is 1024 KB's in one MB. 716800 KB's in a 700 MB CD.
The number of songs doesn't matter. In MB, you're talking about a data disc; it will hold a total of 700 MB. An audio CD, which is the only one that will play on a CD player, will
Because it converts the songs from .wma or .mp3 to the CD format. The CD format doesn't have the same compression ratio as the previous files but it allows it to play on a normal
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The majority of floppy disks can hold approximately 1.44 MB in memory. A CD can hold much more memory as it is about 700 MB. ...
Audio cd's storage capacities may vary. Some cds can hold as little as 800 MB, while some hold as much as 8GB. Check the packaging for specific details on the ...
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