How to Pierce Your Tongue?


Wow, this is not something I would do to myself! With the veins and nerves that run through the tongue, you could do permanent damage. But, if you feel brave and confident, make sure you have enough knowledge to do it safely. Look here for more
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1. Finding a piercing artist isn't difficult. Finding a reputable one is. Ask around. The community of people who enjoy piercings the most are very close-knit and they'll be able
To pierce a tongue you should have a professional do the piercing. To do it yourself you purchasing a piercing kit. The kits should include forceps, sterile piercing needles, tweezers
1 Return to the person who originally made your piercing or a jeweler. Ask this person to make the change. Your piercer will provide advice on whether or not it is a suitable time
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When I first got my tongue pierced at 18 I did all that I could to hide it from my mom who I knew would be disappointed. The biggest issue with trying to hide ...
To pierce your tongue in the State of Iowa, you have to be 16 years old, with a parents consent, or 18 years of age without a parents consent. Some places will ...
A tounge ring shows ur a freak while a lip pierced shows u might not be able to kiss very well A toung ring can show ur creativity with the different colors fo ...
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