How Science and Technology Depend on Each Other?


Science and technology are closely related. Science is the method of gaining knowledge. Empirical data is collected on theoretical ideas and the theories are either supported or not. Technology is the production of things which are useful; examples would include medicine, computers, smart phones, plastics, automobiles, and satellites. Science and technology depend on each other. In order to make something, you have to understand how it works. In other words, technology depends on science. Also, the things we make using technology are used by scientists to gather empirical data; therefore, science depends on technology.
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Technology- the application of science to meet human needs. Scientists did not know that tiny organisms such as bacteria even existed until the technology to make precision magnifying
Science and technology depend on each other because technology is based upon
Science and technology are dependent on each other in that technology depends on science. For example, computer memory is made of tiny magnets that get turned on and off depending
Plants and animals benefit each other as members of food chains and ecosystems. For instance, flowering plants rely on bees and hummingbirds to pollinate them, while animals eat plants
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