How thick in inches is 6.60 mil?


6.6 mil = 0.0066 inches. That's pretty thin! ChaCha on!
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A "mil" is a 1/1000 of an inch. So 6 mil is equal to 0.006 inches.
or 1 thousandth of an inch. therefore 45 mils is .045 inches, or a little under a fiftieth of an inch.
I checked several sources, and it seems like 3" is the largest size that is generally sold. That's because binders have rings in them to hold the paper, and when it gets larger
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In mathematics, 'mil' refers to a unit of length equal to one thousandth of an inch (0.0254 millimeter). It is, for example, used to specify the thickness of materials ...
The thickness of a millimetre is 0.001 inches. This means that it is very slim and approximately one over a thousand of one inch. The measurement is mainly used ...
Mill thickness refers to the Measurement used to determine the thickness of a coating, for example 1 mil = .001 inch (1/1000). The word mille is derived from the ...
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