How to Arch a Man's Eyebrows.?


1. Wash your face. Removing oil and dirt will make hair removal easier. 2. Look in the mirror and examine your eyebrows. Grab a pair of sharpened tweezers in one hand. There should be no hair directly above your nose. Line each strand up between the
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It is when you raise only one of your eyebrows, so it looks like an arch.
1 Before tweezing, apply ice to the brow to numb the nerve endings so that you experience less pain. You can also wipe a warm wash cloth over your brows to open the pores. Although
if its the natural shape, keep it that way. only pluck it to trim them up every once in a while.
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I get my eyebrow arched using hot wax. They apply the hot wax to the top and bottom of my eyebrow to remove the extra hair and that gives the eyebrow a nice arched ...
To arch an eyebrow you need to determine the right shape for your eye. You should make sure that your brown is balanced with the eye. Next you will determine where ...
Arching your eyebrows depend on the shape of your face and the structure of your eyes. If you are unsure about shaping your eyebrows, you should consult a professional ...
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