How to Be an Effective Emcee?


To be an effective Emcee, you will need to first familiarise yourself with the organization, event and acts or the speakers that you will be introducing. Ask for scripts or information ahead of time so you can practice your introductions. You also need to confirm your arrival time, what you should wear, and arrive early so that you have enough time to walk the space and conduct a dress rehearsal with the podium, cue cards or microphone. Finally, try not to talk too much that you cut into the time slated for the actual show.
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If you think being a corporate emcee is no different from a regular performance (or that any "funny guy" at work can do it), think again. Being an effective emcee requires
Every meeting, a member learns how to be an effective emcee. He is called the toastmaster of the day. He is evaluated by someone assigned to provide him a feedback of his performance
Familiarize yourself with the organization, event and acts or speakers you'll be introducing. Ask for information or scripts ahead of time so you can practice your introductions and
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