How to Keep Quiet in Class.?


1. Concentrate on the lesson your teacher is giving. If you feel the urge to talk, come up with questions about the lecture or something pertinent to add to the class discussion. Raise your hand and wait until your teacher calls on you rather than
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1 Ask your friends to be quiet. If your friends keep talking to you and you feel forced to respond, explain that you do not want to get in trouble anymore for talking during class
Simply because it's a symbol of respect for the teacher and their peers. Let me tell you, it's not easy to learn when the kid next to you is jibber-jabbering about her latest boyfriend
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To keep quiet in class, focus on studying your lessons. Read your notes and books if you have nothing to do. ...
Students should be quiet in class in order to be able to listen to the teacher. If students are being loud and disruptive then they will not be able to learn the ...
Being quiet in class is very important because people learn better in a quiet environment. Teachers have a much easier time teaching a large group of students ...
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