How many short isosceles triangles are needed to build one great Icosahedron?


According to some definitions an icosahedron is considered a Platonic solid so that each of its faces is an equilateral triangle. You would, therefore need three coplanar isosceles triangles to make each face of the icosahedron. Since there are 20
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How to Make Your Own Icosahedron
An icosahedron is a 3-dimensional geometric shape. It is one of five shapes known as the Platonic solids, named after Plato, a famous Greek philosopher. Platonic solids are individually named for the number of faces or sides that they have. An... More »
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As long as you have a good picture to follow, it virtually builds itself. See. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Icosa…. Start with three straws and use yarn or string threaded
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