How to Build a Silencer?


First step is Drilling holes in the sides of the heat and pressure dispersement rod. Glue a wooden doughnut to each end, making sure the hole through the centre is completely clear. Then Fit a steel washer plug into the cylinder space behind the displacement rod. This will be the seal between the silencer and the adapter. Fit the adapter into the tube, followed by the stabilizer doughnuts. Secure the adapters by drilling small holes into the sides of the rubber sheath and fitting screws into them, pressing down on the adapter with equal pressure from each direction. And then Hammer the length of the rubber tube into the PVC pipe. The pipe should be roughly twice the length of the rubber tube. Make sure the adapter is flush with one end of the silencer, leaving a large hollow in the other end of the pipe. Then Fill the hollow of the pipe with alternating rubber and wooden washers. Place a separating disc after every four or six washers. Each washer must fit into the PVC pipe and have an opening slightly greater in diameter . Next Fit a steel washer plug into the front opening of the PVC pipe to finish the silencer.
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How to Make a Silencer
Silencers are used to suppress the explosive sound that results when a projectile is fired from a gun. Using supplies found in most households, along with some common tools, you could make a silencer using a straightforward procedure that requires no... More »
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To build a silence you will need a drill press, a vice, drill bits, cylindrical file, sharpie, tubing, compass, endcap material, jigsaw, glue and steel wool.
Firearm silencers or suppressors are illegal to possess and to use almost everywhere. Check the laws where you are. We cannot give you an exact plan, but the most practical approach would be start with small engine muffler and modify it so it can safely attach to barrel and does not obstruct bullet. This is not recommended. It can be very dangerous. You can find more info at: www.gun-shots.net
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1. Use the permanent marker to mark holes along the barrel. They should be evenly spaced and in a straight line. Mark one row, then turn the barrel one quarter of the way and mark
To make a homemade silencer, you will need something to muffle
You're on the right track. You want to beef up your box, though. Instead of a box, a really stiff cardboard tube about a foot around and two feet long might work well. It'll be sturdier
Contrary to how the movie portrayed it, the building he escapes from is Pittsburgh's Soldiers and Sailors National Military Museum and Memorial , not a Memphis courthouse. See here
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Building a gun silencer varies with the model of the gun that you want to build a silencer for. Building a silencer for a pistol varies greatly from the kind of ...
Making a silencer is in principal the same for any caliber of weapon. Silencers are illegal to possess in the US without a proper Federal Tax stamp. If you build ...
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