How to Build Log Cabin?


Building a log cabin is a lot easier if you use one of the kits that are available. You need to decide if you want a simple 2 room structure, an elaborate two-story home with cathedral ceilings, or something in between.
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How to Build a Log Cabin
The image of a log cabin in the wilderness appeals to the American spirit more so than any other type of construction. Building a log cabin may seem like a challenging undertaking, but it actually requires no specialized skills. With the right set of... More »
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You can set log posts down first to build a log cabin. Set the logs in place as tightly as you can to form the walls, then finish with a roof and floors. For more information, look
1. Design your log cabin. When drawing up your log cabin plans, first determine the outer dimensions. Do not design the walls to be longer than available logs. Use the plans included
1 Gather materials for your project. There are some unique methods involved in the project, so be prepared to do a little hunting for them. Here is a short list of special materials
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Log cabins can be built one of two ways: cutting and stripping your own logs, or building from a kit. The kits come with the logs already pre-measured and numbered ...
This website has a step by step guide for building a log cabin at ...
This website has a step by step guide for building a log cabin at ...
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