How to Cook Asparagus?


How to cook asparagus really depends on your tastes. You can steam asparagus in order to cook it. You can also boil it for around 3 to 5 minutes. It tastes wonderful with melted butter.
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The asparagus is a member of the lily family, which also includes onions, leeks and garlic. They have been cultivated for more than 2000 years in South of Europe.
You can cook asparagus any way that you like. You can fry it in butter in a frying pan or you can boil it in butter, in a sauce pan. You can choose what you like.
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This is my fav way. Prepare asparagus by cutting thick ends off. Spread on cookie sheet and toss with a tablespoon olive oil. Cook in 450 degree oven for 15 min, sprinkle parmesan
Video Transcript. CHEF BLONDIE: So, I got my asparagus in some boiling water, barely an inch, half inch to an inch of water. And these are just going to go for a few seconds. I'm
Preparing garden-fresh or store-bought vegetables doesn't need to be a chore. Even if you don't know how to cook asparagus, broccoli or caulilower, with a few shortcuts, fixing these
1. Inspect the tips of the asparagus spears. Look for spears with tightly closed buds. Avoid asparagus with open or seedy tips. 2. Choose asparagus with firm stalks. Wilted or limp
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To cook asparagus by steaming, cut the asparagus bundles right above the rubber bands and wash it thoroughly. Lay the spears in a covered pan with a little water ...
Asparagus can be prepared any number of ways. This can be boiled broiled steamed deep fried and even prepared in the microwave. Asparagus can be grilled with ...
The most common way to cook asparagus from a can would be to ...
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