How to Crackle Paint a Dresser?


To crackle paint a dresser, remove all its hardware and sand its surface to remove the bulk of previous paint. Clean the dresser's surface and the drawers then coat the surface with a latex primer. One can then paint a base coat of plain latex onto the dresser and crackle medium onto its surface.
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How to Crackle Paint a Dresser
Antique and older furniture pieces are always in style, but are not always practical for everyday use. Although they may appear well-constructed and attractive, they can be weak or brittle, or may be too valuable to risk the wear and tear of daily use.... More »
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Glaze should be lighter color than the latex.With paint roller, using up and down motion apply crackling glaze to wall.Wait one hour, apply latex using opposite motion. Paint will
You can buy a kit at the hardware store or paint store to do the job not expencive.
1. Select two colors of paint for your project - one color that will appear as your topcoat, and the other which will show through the cracks. If you are looking to create the impression
1 Select the item you wish to paint. Crackle painting can be done on wood, ceramic, and canvas as well as various other surfaces. If you are using wood, make sure it is treated as
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To crackle paint, you'll need crackle medium. You will also satin or semi-gloss paint, drop cloths, masking tape, a roller, and a paintbrush. ...
If you want to paint a dresser, you must take into consideration what kind of dresser it is. Wooden dressers will need to pre-sanded to remove previous paint. ...
Crackle paint techniques are procedures to style furniture with an informal look with interesting colors glancing through the crackled paint designs. Crackle painting ...
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