How to Create a Gmail Account for a Group.?


1. Go to the Gmail website, and click "Create an Account. 2. Provide the requested information, including your name, desired Gmail username and password. The First Name and Last Name fields are required, so you must use a group member's name or
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How to Create a G-Mail Account
Google's Gmail is a free email service that offers a number of features including email storage, in-browser Gchat, Google Docs storage, Google Notebook, easy search, phone call connection, Google Voice and mobile versions. You can open as many Gmail... More »
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Exactly the same way you set up the first one. Just log out of the first one and then set up a different one. If you want to avoid confusion with cookies, you can use a different
To set up a Gmail account, first go to gmail.com. At the bottom, you'll notice a link that says create an account. The next page will prompt you to fill in the required fields to
Log out of your account. At the log in page you can click new user and create a new account.
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In creating a hotmail account follow these simple steps. First, go to hotmail.com. On the login page, click sign up for new account. Fill all the necessary data ...
If you would like to create a new Gmail account just go to ...
1. Visit Gmail's website. 2. Click "Create Account.". 3. Fill in all required fields including first name, last name, desired log-in name, password, ...
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