How to Cut My Own Fringe in?


To cut your own fringe you need to wet the front part of your hair then section off your fringe. Place a fine tooth comb at eye brow level and cut out any hair underneath the comb. Finally, blow dry your hair as you normally would.
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To cut your own fringe, you will have to wash and condition your hair. Dry it and then determine the length of the fringe. De-tangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb and gather the front pieces of the hair across the forehead and divide it into four sections while twisting it. Separate each section and hold your scissors at an angle then cut the ends off the twist of your hair. Do this on this on the other held pieces.
When cutting a fringe, wash and condition your hair with moisturizing products. Then, dry it and determine the length and thickness of the fringe. The most common lengths for classic fringe are above the brow, at the brow and below the brow. Detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb. Use a medium rake comb to gather front pieces of the hair across the forehead. Divide the hair into four sections, creating two outer and two inner pieces. Separate each section with hair clips. Pin the rest of your hair back to get it out of the way. Remove the hair clip from the outer section on the far left. Comb the hair smooth and gently hold it against your forehead. After that, carefully cut the hair to the desired length.
Pull your hair off your face in a ponytail or headband. Comb only the hair you are trimming - your fringe - onto the forehead. Search around for a pair of sharp scissors. A smallish pair with a sharp blade is best; new cuticle scissors are ideal. You don't want to use a pair of kitchen scissors that cut paper, cloth, and cardboard - these will be too dull to clip hair well. Hair should be dry, dry hair is easier to work with and also makes it easier to gauge results. Starting at the centre, take a small section of hair - maybe 6mm wide and hold loosely between your left thumb and forefinger (left-handed people should reverse these directions). If you pull too hard you can remove too much length. Snip away no more than 3mm, and then continue, moving to the left. When you've reached the outer corner, return to the centre and move to the right. Resist the urge to cut more.
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