How to Delete Search History?


To delete search history, follow these steps: 1. Open a new Internet Explorer window. 2. Click the menu. 3. Select . 4. On the tab, click the button. 5. On the tab, click the button. 6. Click the button. 7. Click
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How to Delete Search History
Delete search history in either the Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers using commands available in the web browsers. Clear cookies and private data as well as search history with the help of an Internet business consultant in this free video on... More »
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To delete your search history, you need to go to 'tools' on top of your browser, then left click on 'internet options' Under the tab 'general' check the box that says 'delete browsing
1 Go to the top left of Internet Explorer and click on Tools. Select Internet Options, typically listed at the bottom of the selections. 2 Select the General tab. Sometimes your computer
Want to delete Dogpile search history? While this meta search engine provides great flexibility with its aggregate searching of all the major engines, searches you run on Dogpile
1. Click on the "Start" menu at the bottom left of your computer. 2. Click on the "Search" option. Type in the word "regedit. Press the "Enter"
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