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To download a video from YouTube, first click on your favourite video clip so you can see the URL in your browser. Highlight the URL, copy it then paste the URL on the YouTube download page and when the download link shows, you should right-click and save target as or copy and paste the link into your download manager. You must then change the file extension to .flv. Install the FLV player into your computer so as to be able to play the file. Select the video clip that you downloaded and play it.
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Instructions for downloading videos from the internet to your computer vary by website.
Some websites, such as Youtube, prohibit you from permanently downloading video content to your computer.
Click your favourite video clip, you can see the URL in your browser, highlight the URL and right click the mouse and select copy. Paste the URL at our download page . When the download link shows, You should right click save target as or copy and paste the link into your download manager. You must change the file extension to fly . The fly file is not a common multimedia file, you need a software called FLV player to play it. Click here to get Free FLV Player. Install the FLV player into your computer. Select the video clip that you downloaded and play.
To download videos from youtube, you'll need to first find the video you want to save, and then copy the url on the right side of the page. Now, you'll need to go to the website called savevid and paste it into the box and click download. For more information see here: ;
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Log on to www.verytools.com and select "get youtube video" from "download" and then follow the instructions. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed
There are several simple and free ways to download YouTube videos to your iPod. You can convert and transfer them so they can be viewed on your iPod or in iTunes. Here's a site with
1. Download the VLC media player. 2. Go to. http: //www.techcrunch.com/. 3. Paste the URL in the box where it says to and click the "Get Video" button to the right of it
Knowing how to download and save YouTube videos is an absolute must for online video enthusiasts. YouTube has revolutionized the modern face of online Flash media, providing a flexible
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To download videos from you tube without real player, you can download using YouTube downloader 2.6.2. ...
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