How to Drill Through a Door Lock.?


1. Open the chuck on your power drill and insert your metal drill bit. Depending on the type of drill that you have the chuck may open by twisting the collar counterclockwise or you may need a chuck key to loosen it. Check your operator's manual to
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How to Drill a Door Lock
Chain locks are inexpensive and relatively easy to install. Even though a door chain should not be used as the only lock, many homeowners use them in combination with other locks to provide added protection.... More »
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If you want to drill out a lock cylinder, you'll need special tools. You'll also need special training as it's not easy and the tools required can get expensive.
you can add a door stop, or put superglue :
1 Hammer a center punch at a point directly above the keyhole. This will create a guidance point for drilling. The point should be just below the shear line (the dividing line between
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To install door locks, you will need a drill, saw bits, and a Phillips bit, along with the locking hardware. You will need to drill holes in the door if they don't ...
A mortise lock fits into the External Doors itself, which is then installed directly through a hole drilled into the door. The lock uses a strike plate, face plate ...
A mortise lock fits into a door, as opposed to a cylindrical lock, which is installed through a hole drilled into a door. A mortise lock is usually fit into a ...
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