How to Email Photos?


To email a photo, you first need to make sure the picture has been saved onto your computer. Create your email. In the toolbar where the send button is, you'll see a paperclip icon. Click on that. Select the photo you want to attach to your email.
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How to Email a Photo
Sharing pictures has never been easier thanks to the convenience of the Internet. It's easy to send your pictures by email.... More »
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1. Log in to your Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, go to "gmail.com" to create an account. 2. Click "Compose Mail. Enter the email address(es) of
1 For Emails Option One : If you have just deleted it from the inbox, check the "Trash" folder in your email function. It should be there. If you permanently deleted it,
First you have to save the photo. Depending on the email program, this means right click on the image and chose "save as" or using the menu option "copy attachment&
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To email a photo first go to your email account and click on compose mail and then address it to the person you will be sending the photo to. Next click on the ...
In order to email photos you will select new to start a new email and then you will click on attach to add a photo. Once your photos some up you select a photo ...
To make a computer record a log of who you emailed photos to is just to send the photo like you would. Then in your email software or website go to your sent ...
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