How to Fit a Close Coupled Cistern?


Assembling the closed coupled bolted kit, installing the outlet and inlet valves and adjusting their settings and installing the flush button housing on the lid are the steps that are involved with fitting a closed coupled cistern. Learn it through diagrams at
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To install a close-coupled WC you first place the flush valve mechanism into the cistern by sliding the bottom threaded section via the hole in the bottom. Attach on the rear nut securely. Place in the push-button assembly via the hole in the cistern lid, and fit the nut. Put in the fixed inlet valve into the cistern. Place the large rubber gasket into the flush entry of the pan. Insert the fixing bolts via the holes in the cistern, using the rubber and large metal washers given. Fit washers to the connecting bolts, and tauten the wing nuts. Push plastic protective inserts via the holes in the bottom of the pan and fasten the retaining screws throughout and into the floor. Attach the supply pipe for the cold water feed using a push-fit tap connector. Finally fit the sit.
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how does a toilet cistern lid on a vernon tutbury toilet pedestal get released.
Isolate cold water feed. Empty cistern. Undo water and overflow pipes from cistern bottom or side(as appropriate). Undo 2 wingnuts holding cistern to pan (under back of pan). Undo
This one is a low level as it has a connecting pipe from cistern to bowl. A close coupled one has the cistern "sitting" directly onto the bowl. You need to buy a cistern
I would find a retailer that carries it near to you. Go visit and ask how to open and service it. Nice LOO, ;-)
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In a closed coupled toilet system the sistern rests on the pan. Once the entire unit is located in the right place the cistern is secured to the wall or to some ...
Install the flushing mechanism in the cistern. Get the push button of this mechanism through the hole of the lid and secure it in place with the nut. Install the ...
A closed coupled cistern is bolted directly onto the toilet bowl to form a single unit. The user either depresses a lever or else presses a button depending on ...
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