How to Fold a Business Letter?


You fold a business letter by folding up the bottom edge of the letter one-third of the length of the paper. Then you fold down the top edge of the letter one-third of the length of the paper, overlapping the 1st fold.
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How to Fold a Business Letter
To fold a business letter, first fold the bottom third towards the middle and then fold the top third down to the bottom fold. Properly fold a business letter, stuffing it into the appropriate envelope, with advice from a business owner in this free... More »
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1. Use a Number 10 envelope. The most commonly used envelope for a business letter is the Number 10. Pull the bottom of the letter two thirds of the way up the page and press a crease
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Folding letters into shapes for mailing is simple. Fold the letter into three evenly divided sections. If the address for the letter needs to be shown in the envelope ...
A letter, particularly a business letter is folded twice into horizontal thirds and put into an envelope. First fold the foot third towards the centre and then ...
To fold a letter, you need to fold the letter depending on its size and also the size of the envelope. If you are using an A4 letter, then you will have to fold ...
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