How to Fold Money Into a Christmas Tree.?


1. Select a crisp dollar bill. Fold it in half lengthwise with the face side inside the fold. Unfold it and lay it flat. 2. Fold the bill in half again but in the other direction (face still inside fold) with the short ends lined up and the
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How to Fold Money for a Money Tree
Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations are a perfect time to give money as a gift. Many invitations are including the words "money tree" for gift options. Folding paper money for a money tree takes the worry and time out of the equation when... More »
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There are many creative ways to fold money, if you can keep it long enough and don't spend it. People have folded money into rings, animals, stars, hearts, and much more. The possibilities
Who wouldn't want a money tree? Although you can't give someone a tree that actually grows money, you can do the next best thing and fold a money origami tree to slip inside a greeting
1 Put your money in order from larger bills to smaller. Use a flat surface to make a stack of bills, with the larger bills on the bottom and the smaller bills on the top. Keep the
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There are a few ways to fold money. One way is to fold the bill long ways and to flatten it out around the creases. Another way is to fold it short ways ...
Money folding tricks can be a great basis for starting a career as an entertainer or magician. There are a variety of types of money folding tricks that a person ...
You can fold money into many different shapes and one shape is a heart. Make sure it is on a flat surface. There is seven simple steps to fold you money into ...
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