How to Germinate a Coconut?


For this task you will need to get a pot of sawdust,plastic bag, water and a warm place. You can pick up your coconut at any store. I wish you good success.
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How to Germinate a Coconut
It's easy to germinate a fresh coconut. The not-so-easy part is waiting for the blessed event to occur, which may be nearly impossible for the impatient gardener. It takes three to seven months for a frond to emerge from the coconut from the time that... More »
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To germinate a coconut you buy at the store, you will want to choose a fresh one. Soak it overnight in water that is kept lukewarm water. Plant the coconut in a sandy soil mixture and keep this in a constantly warm place. Be sure the soil is kept just slightly moist. Check it after a few weeks. If it has sprouted, you can plant it.
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1. Soak the coconut in a bucket of water for 72 hours. 2. Fill a container to within 1 inch of its lip with seed-starting potting mix. The container must be at least 10 inches deep
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The nut has to be fresh, that usually means still in the husk. They take 4 to 6 months to sprout. http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/MG043. "Propagation is entirely from seed which are
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Coconuts have 3 germination pores at one end, of which the sprouting coconut palm grows through one of them. The pores are contained in the endocarp, which is ...
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The actual coconut itself is many different things. The seed is just that, the seed used to germinate and make more plants. The shell protects the seed, and the ...
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