What does Ditto Mean?


Anyone who has seen the movie "Ghost" remembers Patrick Swayze's character, Sam replying "Ditto" whenever Demi Moore's character, Molly said "I love you". In that illustration, ditto means that what you just said to me, I am saying back to you
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migrate it from emerald. heres how to get it in emerald: in pokemon emerald, by the end of the game, there is this idiot guy called the fossil maniac in his house on route 114 (just
1. Purchase 4 to 5 Ultra balls at the nearest town's shop. You need the Ultra ball to catch Ditto. 2. Take Route 218 to the patch of grass. Use the Pokeradar to search the grass for
Ditto, a noun, is the aforesaid; the above; the same. It is used to avoid repetition, usually in lists. ChaCha on!
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Alright, in order to get ditto in pokemon, you have the national pokedex. You then have to go route 218 with the pokeradar, then you just go into the grassy area ...
Ditto is a normal-type Pok mon that is available in Pok mon LeafGreen or FireRed. To get Ditto, get Pok mon LeafGreen or FireRed, then collect both the Ruby gem ...
To catch Ditto in Pokemon pearl, you first need the national dex, then go to Canalave City where you will find a ditto on Route 218. Ditto is much loved for its ...
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