How to Glue Jigsaw Puzzles.?


1. Slide plastic wrap, baking parchment or wax paper under your finished puzzle. This will protect the surface your puzzle is on. Work with a partner: While one person stands at one end of the puzzle and holds it in place, the other takes a wide
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How to Glue a Finished Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzles often show stunning scenery, memorable photography or interesting design. Depending on the size of the puzzle, it might have taken a lot of time to piece together. Gluing and displaying a puzzle is a way to celebrate the completion,... More »
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Source: www.ehow.com
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1 Purchase a jar of liquid puzzle glue. If you are lucky, your puzzle has the glue included. If not, you can order liquid puzzle glue from an online puzzle store. You might also locate
Put a puzzle together and get a piece of cardboard just a little bit bigger/smaller. OR. cut a piece the same size. Glue the puzzle pieces on in this order: corners and edges first,
Mod Podge. You can coat the front and/or back, and it fills in the spaces....use thin coats. It comes in matte and gloss, so you can choose the finish, and it dries very quickly.
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You can save your puzzle once you complete it by sealing it. Simply use a product called Mod Podge or make your own by thinning some white glue with water. Brush ...
To glue a puzzle, you do it from the back. You will need to brush or roll glue or a puzzle adhesive to the surface. Once that's done you let it dry completely ...
To glue a jigsaw puzzle, begin by dipping your brush into a bottle of mod podge and apply an even coat of the glue onto the jigsaw puzzle. Let the puzzle dry for ...
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