How to Install a Netgear Wireless Router?


Net gear wireless provides a wireless connection to computers through an external broadband access device. Unplug your modem. Connect the Net gear wireless router to the modem; get the network cable that should have come with the package of the Net gear wireless router and plug one end into the computer and the other into one of the ports in the Net gear wireless router that isn’t marked as WAN, WLAN, or Internet, Launch an Internet browser. The value that changes is determined by the routers model number, a window will appear asking for a username and password. Type the 'admin' command in the username field and 'password' in the password field. Click 'OK', Select 'Wireless settings' on the left side of the screen that will appear. Now is a good time to copy the settings on a sheet of paper as you will be using these to configure the other clients of the network later on, type your preferred name for your wireless network in the SSID field where it says 'NETGEAR'.
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How to Install a Netgear Wireless Router
Your modem is hooked up in the living room, but your computer is in the bedroom. While this kind of problem may have caused issues in the past, the overwhelming popularity of wireless routers easily manages this problem. You will have to install the... More »
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1. Insert the setup CD. If you do not have the disk, it can be downloaded from The CD is enabled with AutoRun, so it should run automatically. If not, from the "
Installing a wireless router device is typically easy to do. These are attached to your modem using an Ethernet cord. You can add passwords to these to limit who can access this device
Hi, Can I clarify the problem a little. I would guess you wanted to connect a new laptop to your wireless router, to access the internet, but the network key would not work? You then
via web interface, should be a ip or address u input in ur browser like a URL that takes u to ur routers settings
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To install the Netgear wireless USB adapter simply plug it into your computer. When the computer recognizes the device install the supplied drivers. To make a ...
To install netgear router, unplug your modem and connect the netgear wireless router to the modem. Next, plug one end of the network cable into the computer and ...
To set up a Netgear Wireless Router you must first locate the install cd that came with the router. Next put the install cd into your computer, if it doesn't run ...
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