How to Introduce a Christian Speaker?


There are no special requirements to introduce a Christian speaker. Give their name, qualifications, a brief introduction, and whatever background information may be pertinent to the event.
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How to Introduce a Christian Speaker
A Christian speaker is similar to any other speaker, but he or she may have a different agenda and sometimes target audience. For example, one Christian speaker may have a niche audience of single teens, and another one may appeal to older generations.... More »
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1. Gain as much information as you can about the speaker. The speaker or the speaker's publicist usually has a press packet you can obtain. Press packets are valuable because they
Introducing a speaker is a very important task. You are leading the audience to what is coming up next. Be sure to know the correct pronunciation of the speakers name, say a few words
1. Prepare for your introductory speech. Learn what you can about the speaker you will be introducing. Read any books the speaker may have written, or watch footage of some of the
No. You are expected to be informed about the speaker. Reading the small bio in the guidebook is an option. Generally host of the session will associate the topic of the speaker with
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When introducing a speaker, there are several things to remember. First tell the group the person's name, background, and education. From there you can mention ...
Christian speakers are commonly hired during Christian functions to engage the audience and leave them encouraged and inspired. The list of most requested Christian ...
You can introduce a guest speaker by talking a bit about the speakers accomplishment. You should be brief, but also complimentary. ...
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