How to Iron a Shirt?


When ironing a shirt, first set the knob to the appropriate material type. Begin with the collar, then sequentially to the sleeves, then the front half of the shirt starting at the shoulder moving toward the bottom, and finally the back. Finish by hang it up immediately.
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How to Iron a Shirt
Unfortunately, many shirts do need ironing - but if you learn to do it yourself, you'll save enough on dry-cleaning to buy several more. There are certain things you need to keep in mind when ironing a shirt so you don't end up with more wrinkles than... More »
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To iron you shirt you will need a flat surface or an ironing board. You will need to have the iron set on the required setting. You will go over the parts without a crease and will flatten then iron over the ones that had creases.
Press the parts of the shirt in the following sequence. First the collar, then the cuffs, the sleeves, then the back. Press around the buttons, then press both sides of the front.
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When I iron a shirt I normally just do it on an ironing board. Then you lay the shirt as flat as you can and un button if need be then just iron it spraying a little water on it as
Learning how to iron a dress shirt properly requires practice, and lots of it. Even if you know the basics of how it's done, it requires skill in handling the clothes iron so that
1. Start with the sleeves. Lay the sleeve out flat on the ironing board. Insert a long piece of cardboard into the sleeve. This technique prevents a crease from forming on the bottom
1 Begin with a clean, high quality iron. A cheap iron is more likely to have problems, clog, or burn your clothes. Ad 2 Fill the water chamber in the iron with distilled water. Tap
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The key to having a nicely iron shirt is to start with a good iron. Then heck the ironing recommendations on the tag of the shirt, and follow those closely in ...
To properly iron a shirt start by reading the label so you know the fabric it is made from. Then set the iron to that fabric setting, lay the shirt flat on the ...
The best way of ironing a shirt first involves spraying it lightly with water, using a spray bottle, if the shirt is linen or very wrinkled. You should then plug ...
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