How to Make a Bobblehead?


Making a bobble head can be a fun and creative task to do with family and friends! Best of all, you can use items that can be found around the house to make one! Here is an easy way to make a bobble head doll similar to the ones made by the NFL. You will need:

18-20 gauge white craft wire
Small, clean plastic container (you can use a small yogurt container with the label removed like the Danimals Drinkable Yogurt bottles)
Uncooked rice
White glue
Craft foam
Hot-glue gun (children do not use this without an adult present)
Pipe cleaner
2 1/2 inch Styrofoam ball
Tissue paper
Photo of a face (to be used on the head of the doll)
Household tools

To make the body:

Wrap 2 feet of craft wire around a marker forming a coil (leave 1 1/2 inches at one end straight), then remove the coil from the marker and stretch it to about six inches long and set it inside the plastic container. Add 1/4 cup of rice and then 1/2 tablespoon of glue over the rice and let it dry for at least one hour before continuing (for best results allow it to dry overnight).

The Jersey:
Cut a cross-like shape from craft foam (like a plus or the red cross cross) then make two 1 1/2 inch cuts in the center of the cross shape and fold back the corners and hot glue them (children have parents do this) in the place for your neck hold. When finished, hot glue the foam numbers or words on the back of the jersey and then slip the jersey over the plastic container, folding it in two and hot gluing the edges together (make sure to leave the sleeves open for the arms).

The Hands:

For each hand, cut about 4 inches of pipe cleaner and twist it into a coil then slip it inside a sleeve.

The helmet:
Use a serrated knife (children have your parents do this) to cut a rectangular section the size of the photo you chose for the head from the styro foam ball. Cover the surface of the ball with 2 inch squares of tissue paper (to seal each piece use a small paintbrush to seal the paper in place with a mixture of water and glue). Let the helmet dry completely then glue the photo to the face area of the helmet and poke the end of a piece of craft wire into the helmet on each side of the photo. Then stick the helmet onto the wire coil and allow drying.
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How to Make a Bobblehead
From sports stadium giveaways to prized collectibles, many people have played with a bobblehead and enjoyed watching it bob in and out and back and forth. Share the fun of a bobble head with your own children by making one as a craft project. Not only... More »
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