What is Colloid?


Colloid is a chemistry name for a certain mixture. In a colloid, a solution is combined with very fine particles of another type of matter.
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How to Make a Colloid
In materials science and chemistry, a colloid represents a stable solution of small, solid particles suspended in a liquid. Colloids typically exhibit particle sizes less than 100 nanometers (nm). The key to successful preparation of a colloid lies in... More »
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Colloid Defined Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines colloid as being a substance. Colloid is a substance that is able to disperse its particles throughout another substance (like butter
A colloid is a type of mechanical mixturewhere one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another. The particles of the dispersed substance are only suspended in the mixture, unlike
Of the nature of a colloid. c. bath — a bath containing gelatin, bran, starch or similar substances, to relieve skin irritation and pruritus. c. body — a homogeneous,
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