How to Build a Catfish Dip Net.?


1. Spread the mesh netting out on a flat table or bench. Place the net round on top of the mesh. Cut around the net round, making sure that the mesh cut-out is 1 inch larger in diameter than the round. 2. Zip-tie the mesh to the edges of the round.
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How to Make a Dip Net
Catching water life with a dip net is a great way to explore living aquatic organisms. You can sweep the net through the water while holding its long handle and scoop up all sorts of creatures to observe for a short while. You can make this simple dip... More »
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Source: www.ehow.com
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n. A net or wire mesh bag attached to a handle, used especially to scoop fish from water.
A dip net is used to catch bugs and butterflies! Hope I helped!
A dip net is a net with a handle used to
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1. Open the embroidery hoop into two pieces and set the bulk mesh netting, or old pantyhose, into the inner hoop edges. Place the inner hoop into the larger hoop ...
A dip net is a net or a basket, which is made of wire or nylon mesh, with a long handle. They are normally used for fishing, mostly in Alaska, but they can also ...
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