How to Make a Homemade Projector?


In making a home made projector you will need a light box with a glass top, a column extending upward and a prism or a mirror and lens to project the image. For more information look here: Components of A Homemade Projector www.tomshardware.com; forum.ebaumsworld.com
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How to Build a Homemade Projector
Large screen digital projectors such as one that you would use in business presentations or in a personal home theater have become very popular and can be purchased in most stores specializing in electronic equipment. These projectors are connected your... More »
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Making Your Own Big Screen Digital Projector Gather the materials you will need. The old overhead projectors such as the kind that used to be used in classrooms can usually be purchased
You need laser-pointer if you want to point things out you need a projector and a computer and the installation disk for it. or look here http://www.chatamglenwood.wetpaint.com
Here's an article on how to make a simply enlarger you could probably modify it to fit your needs you would need a glass window 35 MM Camera or lens card board box at the minimum.
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To make a homemade projector for free you will need to build a simple box from either wood you have or purchased. Place a lens on the front of the box and project ...
If you have the right stuff, you can make a homemade overhead projector for as little as $50. Here is what you need: A portable DVD player with input, a photocopier ...
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