How to Make Wizard of Oz Munchkin Costumes.?


1. Cut off the sleeves of a plaid shirt in a large, jagged line. Cut the hemline of the shirt so it comes down just to your child's waist. Use the same exaggerated jagged line to cut the hem as you did with the sleeves. 2. Cut a pair of colorful
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How to Make a Munchkin Costume
As Halloween nears, you want to come up with a Halloween costume that people won't have trouble recognizing. Sometimes, however, people leave the creativity up to costume makers supplying their looks to Halloween superstores. Try something different this... More »
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Source: www.ehow.com
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They sort of look the same except for their coloring. To be honest, I think both are inappropriate for school, instead of knee-highs, I suggest wearing full length tights which you
I think that's a good idea for a costume! Have a dress with lots of patches, or a shirt and skirt with suspenders/overalls. For hair, I would go with pigtails or a 'swirl' bun on
Using the collar of the plaid shirt, trace out a similar collar from the white felt fabric, except make it bigger and more exaggerated in size. Cut out the collar and stitch it onto
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1. Lay a pair of gray chinos or sweatpants on a flat work surface. Use a pen to trace jagged edges around the knee portion of the pants, and then use a pair of ...
Without having access to what you're looking at, a guess would be the Munchkin barrister , in the film version of The Wizard of Oz. For the old-fashioned style ...
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