What is Anhydrous?


Anhydrous means that a substance contains no water whatsoever. Ammonia iscan be an anhydrous substance. Now, if you put water to it, then the substance would become hydrated.
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How to Make Anhydrous
Anhydrous is a state of a chemical indicating that it is free of water. The exact drying procedures vary from chemical to chemical, though most powdered salts can be produced using this procedure.... More »
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1. Remove the sulfur from natural gas with hydrogen to produce hydrogen sulfide as a byproduct. Remove the hydrogen sulfide by passing this gas mixture through beds of zinc oxide.
1 Store anhydrous ammonia under pressure. Anhydrous ammonia boils at a temperature of – 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-33 degrees Celsius). To keep it liquid at temperatures above this
Anhydrous:1:without water; especially without water of
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Making your own Anhydrous Ammonia can be dangerous if you have not done it before. You will need natural gas, steam and air. ...
An anhydrous substance is a substance containing no water and is in a dry, granulated form. For instance, anhydrous citric acid is solid citric acid that is normally ...
Anhydrous is a term that means something does not contain any water. You can make a substance anhydrous through various means, depending on the substance. ...
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