How to Make Homemade Lip Stain?


One can make homemade lip stain with blackberries, raspberries and edible oil such as olive oil. Mash the berries and mix the oil in. Put in a small container and one can apply this using cotton buds. Store in the refrigerator to make the homemade lip stain last longer.
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How Do I Make Homemade Lip Stain?
Homemade lip stain uses some honey, which is great for flavor and for moisture. Make homemade lip stain with help from the Beauty Director at Anisa International in this free video clip.... More »
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To make lip gloss at home, begin with beeswax or petroleum jelly. Make sure it is in a microwave safe bowl. Heat only until it is just melted. You can reuse old lip balm or gloss
Since expensive lip balms can be more than $15 and even cheaper ones cost about $3, many of us would like to find an alternative. Making your own lip balm can not only save money
Lip stain is usually made with a water or gel base, unlike wax or oils used in lipsticks. The use of alcohol helps the color to stay on lips for a longer time. The choices of pigments
1 Choose a lip stain application style. Select the method that will fit your need. Lip stain can come in a bottle with an applicator, in a small jar (you can use your fingers or a
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