What is Nitric Acid?


Nitric Acid is a colorless liquid acid used in the manufacturing of explosives and fertilizers. Nitric acid is the starting material in the production of nitrates for fertilizers.
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1. Put on your safety gear, including goggles, gloves and lab coat. Make sure your shoes are closed-toed. If the nitric acid is concentrated, this procedure should be performed under
1.42 g/mL.
( ¦fyüm·iŋ ′nī′trik ′as·əd ) (inorganic chemistry) Concentrated nitric acid containing dissolved nitrogen dioxide; may be
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Ammonium nitrate and oxygen are used to make nitric acid. The formula for this is NH3 and it must be done in high temperatures and in the presence of rhodium and ...
To refine silver at home you need to make nitric acid. The silver needs to be dissolved in the nitric acid. Be very careful using this acid and take safety precautions ...
The chemical composition for HNO3 is one atom hydrogen, one atom nitrogen, and oxygen brings three atoms. This makes nitric acid. It has few uses due to its corrosive ...
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