How do you make a rat trap?


Building a rat trap requires a large bucket, wire, corn on the cob or an empty soda can and water. For this trap to work, the rat must be able to get to the top of the bucket easily. To do this, bury the bucket in the ground, or build a ramp up to the top.

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How to Make a Rat Trap
Rodents live all around us. Rodents help our ecosystem by removing harmful insects and other smaller critters that affect our food production. Rats in particular, do not harm anyone unless they are threatened. They are trainable and work nicely as great... More »
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1. Place bait such as peanut butter, bacon, fruit, vegetable, cereal or meat inside the curl found at the end of the bait pedal. 2. Pull back bow and hold with your thumb. 3. Push
1. Learn a little about rats. This could help a lot when trying to catch them. Ad. 2. Set up traps in lots of different locations. This will greatly increase your catch possibility.
The best rat trap is a product called Rat Zapper. It works off of batteries and you do not even have to see the dead rat!
(răt'trăp') n. A device for trapping rats. Informal. A dilapidated or unsanitary dwelling.
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Every exterminator has their own tricks of the trade, but the most effective bait for rat traps is normally considered to be peanut butter. Any sticky food works ...
Ultrasonic devices emit sound waves or vibrations that rats dislike. They also hate cats, brooms and rat traps. ...
Buy some rat traps at the hardware store. Put some peanut butter on it and set the traps and when you hear the traps snap bingo you have caught your rat. Dispose ...
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