How to Make Rat Trap?


To make a rat trap, you will need a plastic bottle of a minimum height 30cm, a box, a counterweight, adhesive tape, bait and books. Cut the bottleneck about 3cm in diameter so that the expected mouse can enter the bottle then tape the counterweight close to the bottleneck. Put the bait into the bottle and build up stairs with the books up to the box's height. Place the bottle horizontally and slightly off-balance on the edge of the box, which in this case acts as a pivot point. The counterweight at the entrance should rest on the stairs so as to stabilize the assembly.
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How to Make a Rat Trap
Rodents live all around us. Rodents help our ecosystem by removing harmful insects and other smaller critters that affect our food production. Rats in particular, do not harm anyone unless they are threatened. They are trainable and work nicely as great... More »
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1. Select the location where you'll be setting your rat traps. Rats like dark corners and places where there is food. Check for any holes in flooring, baseboards or drywall. Rats
1 Select a type of rat trap. There are several types of traps that can be used for rats. Most traps can be purchased at hardware stores in different sizes. Use a snap trap. According
The best rat trap is a product called Rat Zapper. It works off of batteries and you do not even have to see the dead rat!
(răt'trăp') n. A device for trapping rats. Informal. A dilapidated or unsanitary dwelling.
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In order for you to make a rat trap, you will need to have some kind of bait, such as food, more specifically cheese, that will lure them into the trap. ...
You can easily make a rat trap car with only a few items. You will need a rat trap, two axles, four small wheels, a short piece of string and four small screw ...
To trap a rat is a more than just a task some times. The easiest way to capture your rat is by rat traps. If you don't want to you these types of traps then you ...
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