How to Stain a Wood Door.?


1. Prepare your workspace. Stain your door in a well-ventilated area since you'll be working with chemicals. Lay plastic tarps or sheets on the floor to protect it from the stain. Place two sawhorses on top of the tarps to lay your door on while you
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1. Prepare all necessary items to do the job. This is the key to staining a wood door successfully. Pull the pins that hold the hinges together to take the door out of the frame.
1. Chisel out the soft wood. It is not necessary to remove every bit of soft wood, just the loose wood. 2. Liberally apply two or three coats of wood hardener to the area with a paintbrush
1. Wet the sharpening stone with water. Hold the beveled side of the wood chisel on the stone. Rub the chisel in a circular motion to put a fine, sharp edge on the end of the chisel
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The first step in making a wood door is to determine the doors measurements and by some similar sized wood. The wood should be cut using a circular saw, then the ...
When refinishing an exterior wood door it should be first removed from its hinges and placed on a well raised flat area. Sand the door to make the wood clear and ...
1. Look at the surface of the door and its color. Wood doors will have a natural wood color like tan or dark brown. If they are stained, this color will appear ...
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