How do you milk your own prostate gland?


To milk your own prostate gland you want to be sure your bowels are empty. Apply lube to your finger and anus. Insert your finger about two inches inside the rectum. Massage the walnut size gland on the front wall until fluid is released.
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well i know that the gland is located in the male's rectum... you simply get your man worked to an erection and when he is close to climax you can insert 1 finger ( usally the pointer
1. Put on a latex glove on the dominant hand. Cover the index finger in water-based lubricant to make insertion easier. 2. Insert the finger slowly into the anus, with the pad of
Not Medical Advice: You can see instruction to milk prostate here
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Prostate milking instructions include a basic prostate massage. To milk a prostate, you will insert fingers or a massage device into the rectum to stimulate that ...
No. Prostate is a exocrine gland of the male mammalian reproductive system. Women do not have a prostate gland. ...
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