How to Milk Your Own Prostate Gland?


To milk your own prostate gland you want to be sure your bowels are empty. Apply lube to your finger and anus. Insert your finger about two inches inside the rectum. Massage the walnut size gland on the front wall until fluid is released.
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To milk your own prostate, you need to insert your finger into your anus while masturbating.
well i know that the gland is located in the male's rectum... you simply get your man worked to an erection and when he is close to climax you can insert 1 finger ( usally the pointer
It is difficult to milk the prostate by yourself, so it is usually done by a partner or a medical MORE?
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A video of milking the prostate gland shows the techniques and instructions of performing a prostate milking massage. The video is strictly for adults and couples ...
Prostate milking can be performed for purposes of sexual stimulation or for purposes of medicine. When used in conjunction with antibiotics, it has been proven ...
Stimulating a prostate gland may also be called milking the prostate. You should only milk your prostate if directed to do so by a doctor, there are some risks ...
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