How to Neutralize Hydrogen Peroxide?


Hydrogen peroxide is a very harmful gas. Sodium bicarbonate is used to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide .sodium bicarbonates is used with a mixer of water to accomplish this task.
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I received a hydrogen peroxide burn from a swimming pool chemical. While handling a container of "oxidizer" (12% hydrogen peroxide) the reminant substance on the outside
1. Fill a spray bottle with 3-percent hydrogen peroxide. Spray the shower walls with hydrogen peroxide and wipe with clean paper towels. Mist over counters, appliances and inside
1. Purchase a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from your local drug store. Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used to treat skin wounds, but its antiseptic properties are also good for oral
some metals & metal salts (manganese dioxide e.g) cause decomposition of peroxide so maybe the disc contains a small amount of this. It could contain sodium sulphite treated somehow
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