How to Pierce Your Own Belly Button without a Kit?


To pierce your own belly button without a kit you will need a large needle. Sterilize the needle and your belly button area. Wear gloves. Use ice to numb the area. Mark the area you want to go into and the place you want the needle to come out of. Take a breath and insert the needle. Remove the needle and replace it with jewelery.
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Its not very expensive to get done so i recommend getting it done professionally . Ive had mine done 2 times and im soo glad I didnt do it myself. a friend of mine did her's herself
wowww seriously im fourteen and i did mine myself with a sewing needle so obviously all these people on here freaking out calling you a five year old are just jealous : haha. ok heres
It is not likely that you will die from piercing your own
How about you just don't. You could wind up puncturing something and bleeding like crazy. Not to mention you could easily get an infection or tetanus from the metal you use. Seriously
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