How to Polish Plastic?


To polish plastic, you will need plastic polish in liquid form and a couple of buffing clothes. Use one of the buffing rugs to apply the polish on plastic surface that you want to polish and allow it to dry. After it has dried, use the second rug to rub away any excess polish that you may have used. Keep on rubbing the surface until you start to see a shine coming on. Polish until you are satisfied with the shine.
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How Do I Polish Plastic?
Plastic is ubiquitous in the modern world -- among its multiple decor and practical uses, it's the material that covers automobile headlights and the most common material for eyeglass lenses. As anyone who wears glasses knows, clear plastic dulls and can... More »
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The best way to polish plastic is with a good quality polishing compound. It is also very helpful if you can remove the parts so they can be polished more easily. Buffing a nice sheen with the right compound is pretty simple to do. For more information look here: www.techguys.ca;
If you're planning on polishing plastic you first want to make sure that you clean it. Plastic can look dirty or dull because of grime and dust that has built up on it over time. A thorough cleaning will help it look better. Once everything is clean, you can wet sand the plastic. This isn't required, but it's a good step. It's also something that's generally done by professional restoration companies. The next step is to use a good quality plastic polish. You can buy this at a hardware or auto parts store, along with some buffing cloths. Then just follow the directions on the polish to get the best results.
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