How to Prevent Smog?


Smog is a kind of air pollution. You can help prevent smog by driving less, keeping your car tuned, telecommuting on your job if possible and more.
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Ways to Prevent Smog
The outcome of air pollution is smog. In many low-lying areas, smog, being heavier than air, does not dissipate but stays in a valley. Over time, smog builds up, leading to a variety of ailments for the general population of valleys. Preventing smog can... More »
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1. Reduce your driving. Combine errands, carpool or park in an area central to several locations you plan to visit and walk. An average 22-minute, 12-mile drive results in half of
Any activity that cuts down on the production of airborne pollutants will reduce the elements that combine to create smog. Some options to consider: Don't drive your car: Carpool,
your vehicles need to pass 1. emissions inspection, 2. visual inspection and 3. the functional inspection The first inspection (emissions inspection) is performed by the exhaust gas
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You can prevent photochemical smog by reducing on the number of vehicles on the streets.reduce on the fuel burning of trees, bushes and other materials that cause ...
A major cause of smog is cars. To prevent smog, people can maintain their cars regularly, combine errands into one trip so they aren't on the road as ...
Yes, a leaking valve cover gasket may cause a no-pass on emissions testing. The leak may change the oil pressure in the car. That in turn effects the emissions ...
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