How can i remove thc from my body?


THC is the main chemical in the drug marijuana. To get this out of your system, stop smoking. Start drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. You can also buy a system cleanse kit at your local GNC or tobacco shop.
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activated charcoal.
You can buy kits online. You could also drink a lot of prune juice and water
Naturally Detoxifying THC From Your Body 1 Use natural diuretics. Cranberry juice is an effective option that works better than most other natural choices. You can also drink extra
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There are some great ways to flush and remove THC from your body. These are not guaranteed to rid the body of all traces of it. You can drink a lot of water to ...
A person can remove THC from the body by drinking water to flush the THC out through passing urine. This is the most effective method overall. ...
To remove THC from the bloodstream you need to cleanse your body. Drink a lot of water or do a lot of exercise that causes you to sweat. ...
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