How to Remove Write Protected Files or Folders?


To remove write protected files or folders, open a DOS window and write 'CD'. Then, click 'enter,' followed by the path to the file or folder location in the database. Finally, type Attrib, then space and key in r (followed by space), s (space) and h (then space). All the write protected material will be cancelled.
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1. Click "Start" in Windows and select "Control panel.". 2. Double-click "Programs." Select "Programs and features.". 3. Scroll down to the
Tumhari bhan ki kus bhan k LORO tumse answer manga to tumne apni bhan choda di.
Answer open it up in an audio editor...i use audacity...if it wont open up in that, open it in notepad or something and there should be a short portion of readable text...delete
Some memory cards have a read only switch, try switching that. If it did not help try access it on the another computer. If the card was removed from a camera, use a usb cable connected
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