How to Remove Write Protected Files or Folders?


To remove write protected files or folders, open a DOS window and write 'CD'. Then, click 'enter,' followed by the path to the file or folder location in the database. Finally, type Attrib, then space and key in r (followed by space), s (space) and h (then space). All the write protected material will be cancelled.
Q&A Related to "How to Remove Write Protected Files or Folders"
1. Right-click on the write-protected file to remove and select "Properties" from the context menu. 2. Uncheck the check box in front of the "Read-only" option
When you have time, take a look online at the link
I know on SD cards there is a write protect lock, I suppose that MicroSD has something similar. Look on the card for a little piece of plastic that has something about lock on it.
1 Navigate to C: or plug in an empty and unused USB flash drive and navigate to that drive. Ad 2 Make a folder named Temp inside C: or the USB drive. Do not protect it. 3 Make a new
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