How to Replace an Outboard Impeller?


You will need a padded vice, screwdriver, new pump impeller, socket wrenches and pliers. Find the four mounting screws on the bottom of the motor and use a screwdriver to remove them before disconnecting the shroud. Use the vice to clamp the shroud once it’s off the motor and look for the bell shaped water pump housing which should be removed using a socket wrench. Put the new impeller in the housing and slide it back into the transmission shaft. Use the mounting bolts to tighten the housing before sliding the lower motor shroud back into place on the bottom of the upper motor shroud. Attach the wiring harness and use the mounting screws to secure the motor shroud.
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1. Remove the four screws on the bottom of the Yamaha outboard motor engine housing with a screwdriver. Slide the bottom housing away from the upper housing. Locate the water pump
with the vast majority of OBs you pull the foot off. its a relatively simple job mechanicaly speaking. if your not sure about this project take it to a mechanic. that would be a lot
Put engine in fwd gear. Then disconnect the shift linkage. Remove the bolts that hold the gearcase on and slide gearcase off of the tower. Remove the 4 bolts or screws in the waterpump
If you have a blueband mercury 4hp engine,remove the bottom section of the leg (just above the prop) you will find x2 11mm nuts. Undo both and pull apart,you should find that the
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A Mercury Outboard impeller replacement can be fairly east to do. Some knowledge of a the boat motor is needed. Replacing the impeller may be covered under warranty ...
1. Unfasten the four nuts that secure the lower gear box of the Mercury outboard motor to the upper motor housing with a socket wrench. Slide the lower gear box ...
Check this exploid view... For parts and replacemenet, visit this links: - - - Hope help with ...
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